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Stop iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Pop-ups

How to Stop iPhone Wi-Fi Pop-ups & Adjust Network Settings By Brian Schoedel, Publisher | Mobile Case Direct .com | March 09, 2013 Does your iPhone 5 constantly search for Wi-Fi signal or pop-up to join networks? Incessant signal searching

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How to Calibrate iPhone Battery Indicator

How to Calibrate iPhone 5s Battery Meter: 1.     Use your iPhone or iOS device till you fully drain the battery till it turns off 2.     Recharge your iPhone or iPad uninterrupted until you achieve 100% charge. This will calibrate your iPhone battery

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How to Calibrate Home Button iPhone, iPad and iPod Toouch

How to calibrate iPhone 5 Home Button: You may have experienced a delayed response from your iPad or iPhone 5’s Home Button. In a few steps you can easily calibrate your home button to be more responsive and have your Apple

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Retrieve Your Lost or Stolen iPhone

How to Retrieve Your Stolen iPhone 5: What do you do when your iPhone is stolen? What happens if my iPhone is stolen and the thieves attempt to turn off the Find My iPhone feature, turn off power or just will

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iPhone Security Tips

How to Protect Your Privacy iPhone 5: Ever downloaded a free app used it once & never again? Many apps typically still have access to your personal information. Your iPhone & iOS 6 allow you to gain control over which apps

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How to use AirPlay iPhone & iPad

  How to use AirPlay Mirroring iPhone 5: Your iPhone 5 & iPad are excellent for streaming videos & music to your television or stereo. If you own an Apple TV & have a Wi-Fi connection in your home look for

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iPhone Roulette Bar Game

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