Siri Tips & Tricks

Siri Quick TipsSiri is your virtual personal assistant that helps you get things done by simple voice commands using your iPhone or iPad. She understands basic speech but I have experiencing difficulty-getting Siri to fulfill my requests. We’ve pulled together Siri quick tips to make it easier to get Siri to successfully do her job.

“Asking Siri the right way, Siri pretty please, pretty please do what you’re told!”

Check out our Blog for the full Siri tips & tricks.


We believe in inspiring others to deliver exceptional customer experiences - one story, one person and one relationship at a time. I enjoy advising clients on their digital marketing efforts. We help business owners of all sizes maximize word-of-mouth. We Empower our client's customers to share testimonials on their website, business directories and social media to grow their business. I am excited to lead our team's sales and channel partnerships efforts. Prior to joining Testimonial Tree I was an advisor at the World's leading IT research and advisory company Gartner (IT).

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