VW Passat Wiper Replacement

Passat WipersTime to change the wipers… So I was trying to locate VW OEM wipers online. I currently own a 2006 VW Passat 3.6L Sport Package and finally needed new VW windshield wipers. I checked multiple websites like EBay, Amazon, Tire Rack, and numerous car parts websites that came through my Google searches. Everyone was coming back with different sizes. Now many of you may be thinking why not go to the Auto parts store or get ripped off at the Volkswagen dealer (you would think they would have an online store to sell these items).

If you have read my posts I love to get a great deal and save money on car repairs and accessories. So here is the 411 on the official size which works for all Volkswagen Passat with the following details.

Make: Volkswagen VW
Model: Passat
Year: 2006-2009
Engine: 2.0, 3.6, TDI
Driver Wiper Size: 22 inch
Passenger Wiper Size: 19 inch
Wiper Arm Type: PTB

I have seen several aftermarket high quality wipers that have the special attachments to fit German automobiles PTB Arm and curved beam style to curvature of the windshield like Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen. Many of the aftermarket VW wipers I have price range $15.95-$39.95 per wiper. This is much cheaper than the $45.95 per wiper at the VW dealer not including installation.

Many of the brands I came across online and stores were:

  • Anco Contour
  • Bosch OEM, Bosh Icon (One Post on Passat World stated 2 years including winters)
  • Michelin RainForce
  • PIAA SI-Tech Silicone Flat Wiper Blade
  • Rain-X Lattitude (trying these out today)
  • Trico Tech Innovation
  • Valeo Ultimare OE Wiper Blade

I settled on the Rain-X premium wiper since the quality looked just as good and came with a $2.00 coupon per blade placing my cost at $15.95 per blade. I will keep everyone posted on how long they last. Please leave remarks if you have any experience with VW wiper replacement. Please include brand, type, duration and climate. Also include details on type of Volkswagen.

Additional Resources: Consumer Reports Windshield Wipers



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