How to Replace Mazda CX-7 Engine Air Filter

mazda cx-7 air filter

Mazda CX-7 Air Filter Replacement

In my previous post I had outlined my current dismay with the dealer quote for air filter replacements. We had reviewed the 5 minutes and $15 to replace the cabin air filter. The instructions I found on a Mazda forum was easy to follow with pictures and required no tools saving a cool $50+ dollars.

EBay also had the Mazda CX-7 engine air filter for the air intake. I am at about 20,000 miles so I am well overdue. I proceeded to order the filter for $10.65 buy it now and $7.65 shipping for a total of $18.30. The dealer quoted over $150 for both filters so I am assuming they were charging $75 per filter installed.  Save yourself some time and over $50 back in your wallet. The air filter replacement took me approximately 10 minutes or less. It was slightly more difficult than the cabin air filter replacement since it requires a Phillips head screwdriver.

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Easy Step by Step Directions for Air Filter Replacement

  1. Pop the hood through the hood release located near the driver’s side kick panel inside the car.
  2. Open the hood and locate the air filter box located on the right side of the engine.
  3. release the 4 clips on each side of the box cover.
  4. Use the phillips head screwdriver to release the air tube. This is very easy. Your hands will get dirty.
  5. Remove the current filter and replace the new one. Make note to install the same way the old one was installed. The flaps will point downward.
  6. Place cover back on, and re-clip all 4 clips.
  7. Put the air tube back on and screw tight. Make sure all clips and screw are air tight or you will get some engine noise.
  8. Voila 5-10 minutes later your Mazda CX-7 air filter is replaced and you pocketed $50+ dollars for a nice dinner on the town.

Refer to my previous post for the cabin air filter click here.

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3 comments on “How to Replace Mazda CX-7 Engine Air Filter
  1. steve says:

    Thanks for the posts!
    They tried to hook me for both filters during my last oil change. I fell for the cabin air filter, thinking it was way, way harder than it actually is. I told them I could handle the regular air filter… at least I only made one mistake vs. two mistakes 🙂

  2. Randy says:

    Thank you for this. I checked youtube and was unable to find a video for the CX-7…. Just looking at the pic, I see how to do it. Mazda just called from service department and wanted to know if I want to replace for $35…I told them no thank you. I will do myself for $19 :).

  3. Karen says:

    Thanks for the post. Took me 5 minutes and saved me money. It was so easy even Me a girl could do it.

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