top 10 ways to improve website traffic

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If you write quality content will they come? Many small business owners are asking themselves this question. How to increase their web traffic, gain more sales leads, and generate more online sales. In the current economy many business owners are watching their marketing budgets and trying to make those right business decisions in order to drive customers to their sites.

Everyone knows that search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN love unique, relevant content. There is more than content that is needed in order to get those potential customers to find you while searching for your products on the web.

  1. Rich Content- Well written content with strategically placed keyword search terms will enhance your search engine search results.
  2. Domain Name- Keyword search terms work well for domain names. All of your content and linked pages will be indexed according to your domain name, tags, and descriptions. Choosing traffic generating domain is the first step into increasing your traffic.
  3. Keywords- Use popular search terms as headings for your products. Do not use your specific XRL-123 Widget name thinking that people will find them on the web. Use product names that people would think of while searching. Research competitor’s websites, product directories, and high traffic websites product names. This will ensure that people will find you. Leave the technical and specific product names as a cross reference attached to your key search terms.
  4. Product Directory- Integrate a directory into your website will add easy ways for customers to find what they are looking for in an instant. Search engines love pages with links and rich content pages explaining your products.
  5. Site Map- Make sure you have an easy way for the web crawlers to index the pages associated with your website.
  6. Links- Add links to your website through high traffic sites where your clients would be looking for your products. The power of the referral works online as well in person for many businesses. This is a great way to gain additional visitors from referring sites.
  7. Readers- Allow people to add your blog content to their readers. This is a great way to increase contact, keep potential clients up to date on news, and products. Converting traffic into readers will ultimately translate to customer once they are ready to buy your specific product.
  8. Newsletters- Prominently request visitors to subscribe to a free monthly news letter. Giving your prospects useful and valuable information builds trust. It also gives you a way to e-mail market to them and drive traffic to your website. Keep the form simple. Name and e-mail is most common. Include a privacy statement, and do not ask for specific information. The key is to get as many people to subscribe.
  9. Share- Allow clients to e-mail product information, blog posts, and more. The power of the social network will exponentially grow exposure, awareness, and generate viral growth.
  10. Monitor your efforts- Measuring your results will help determine which efforts are generating the best results.

A well balance online marketing strategy and systematic effort will have you on your way to generating free traffic. Target your prospects and go market!

Written by Brian M. Schoedel


We believe in inspiring others to deliver exceptional customer experiences - one story, one person and one relationship at a time. I enjoy advising clients on their digital marketing efforts. We help business owners of all sizes maximize word-of-mouth. We Empower our client's customers to share testimonials on their website, business directories and social media to grow their business. I am excited to lead our team's sales and channel partnerships efforts. Prior to joining Testimonial Tree I was an advisor at the World's leading IT research and advisory company Gartner (IT).

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  1. Great outline. I really like to see clearly Marcy Lu

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