Agent Shield Technology is connecting Realtors to more new Home Buyers

What if there was a free online service that allowed you to connect your home buyer prospects to new development websites, and e-mailed you when they request information? What if the development wanted to help you close your prospect helping and retain your commissions without fear of getting cut out of the deal?

Florida Real Estate Agents are realizing the power of Agent Shield’s new technology. In a slow paced market it is crucial to find new ways to market to your prospective home buyers. I feel that Agent Shield will substantially help Realtors connect with buyers. Agent Shield removes the barriers agents have had when trying to market new construction developments on-line.

Real Estate Agents sign up for a free account in 2 minutes or less. The Agent Shield account is similar to signing up for a free e-mail account.

Real Estate agents cut and paste their special code into their e-mail marketing, blogs, and website. These marketing campaigns allow agents to target more prospects allow their prospects to click through to the experience the developer’s website.

Realtors wouldn’t normally market the developer’s website in fear of losing their prospect.
Agent Shield fixes this problem and allows the prospect to click through and experience the entire website. when they request more information the agent’s contact information is reflected on the site for the prospect to contact.

The prospect can even fill out a request for more information which will be e-mailed to the referring agent to ensure they retain the sales lead. This will allow you to e-mail thousands and follow up with educated prospects that have taken the time to review the development’s website.

You have to experience this technology for yourself. I am sure you are skeptical, and have many questions. The best part is many of the top producing new construction salespeople have been using Agent Shield and it works. 100% free for Realtors to use and market. This online tool has helped many agents expand their online marketing campaigns to thousands, drive more leads to their e-mail inbox, and ultimately sell more homes.

What if Agent Shield helped you sell just one home this month? Take a minute to see the video and sign up for a free account.

Check out the video below:

Sign up for a FREE Agent Shield Realtor Account!

This information was sponsored by:
Brian M. Schoedel
Florida Mortgage Loan Officer

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