Crazy 8 in 2008!

1.       Social Network- Places like MySpace & face book are becoming so common place that you will be surprised when your parents want add you to their friends. Social networking has become so main stream. You’ll be surprised when your parents want to add you as their friends. Companies are jumping on the band wagon with their employees.

2.       Share your online bookmarks-  I came across a great site where you can bookmark all your favorite blogs, websites and articles. It makes it very easy to share your favorites online instead of clogging up our browsers and making it hard to organize. Delicious makes it easy to organize your favorites and save them on someone else’s server. This is great if you travel or don’t want to bog down your computer with unnecessary clutter.

3.       Create your own blog or website- Blogger & WordPress are allowing the everyday person posts their thoughts, record their life online, and define you. I found it extremely easy to use blogger. I began my blogger website and within a few days I was blogging like a pro. Word press also offers many extras such as multiple pages, less gadget ridden format and traffic tracking to see how many people are reading your words of wisdom in cyberspace.

4.       Mobile Technology- Blackberry, Treo, & Iphones are packing tons of web applications allowing people to be connected at all times. What did we do before the cell phones? The new cell phones will ad even more features than play music, video, GPS, cameras, and organize your life. The new gadget phones will have to design a way to avoid getting blasted with text & mms ads and paying for it.

5.       IPods- No explanation necessary. Proving that proper branding and a great product can take on Microsoft. Can anyone catch up to Google?

6.       Saving for the Future- This will become increasingly harder for more Americans. The media, big business, & corporate crooks are slaughtering our economy by destroying our lending institutions. The credit crunch is going to make it increasingly difficult for 1st time homebuyers to own a piece of the American dream. Many of top Financial CEO’s (Angelo Mozillo & Stan O’Neil) of the top banks and investment firms kill our retirement portfolios with record breaking drop in stock values. They play golf while we lose our retirements. They receive their golden parachute while many Americans get pink slips. Good news, complete your annual review of your financial situation and save for the future. Gas isn’t getting any cheaper.

7.       Vote in 2008- The War, Healthcare, economy and Social Security are just a few things we need to get ready to fix. I hope the next president is ready to their hands dirty. Great news you can’t pick Bush! Can we hope that our next President will tame congress and create a real democracy? We in the US need to take our country back and give the power to the people. Does anyone know where the tea is located? I headed to Boston! Don’t let the lobbyists and Drug Corporations buy our leaders any longer. Let’s fix healthcare for our grandparents, parents and for the future. Every American deserves free equal healthcare. If they can do it in France we can do it here. Check out “Sicko” by Michael Moore. I am not a huge fan of his but; he and I are on the same page in regards to healthcare.

8.       Change the world- Spread Peace, end the war, do your part in your community, write a congressman, get rid of the gas guzzler, and spread the word. The internet is powerful and if Obama girl or dancing elmo doing the Soulja Boy can reach tens of thousands, you can too!


We believe in inspiring others to deliver exceptional customer experiences - one story, one person and one relationship at a time. I enjoy advising clients on their digital marketing efforts. We help business owners of all sizes maximize word-of-mouth. We Empower our client's customers to share testimonials on their website, business directories and social media to grow their business. I am excited to lead our team's sales and channel partnerships efforts. Prior to joining Testimonial Tree I was an advisor at the World's leading IT research and advisory company Gartner (IT).

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